C "Comet" Romano

Funky fish artist from Perth, Western Australia.Over a decade of experience creating artwork for a variety of clients, specialising in animal artwork.Trained in both traditional and digital artwork.Contact details & socials below!

TERMS OF SERVICE FOR CUSTOM ARTWORK COMMISSIONS!• 18+ commissioners only, even for SFW, for NSFW I may ask for an ID check.• Payment through Square, PayPal available to those in countries where Square isn’t available• Absolutely NO use of AI, Do not use my art to train AI/ as an AI prompt, Do NOT turn my art into an NFT and no crypto currency payments.• Credit link back to me is required when posting anywhere, as long as credit is given you are free to post/use the art wherever you like (profile pic, header etc)• Commissions are for personal use only, if you’d like art for your business please mention so we can discuss public use fees!• If you were blacklisted from my previous business, you are blacklisted from my new one. Do not commission on behalf of someone on the blacklist or you will be blacklisted too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you have no reason to worry!•I will send WIPs (Work in progress) as I work, feel free to ask for edits along the way, no edits will be made after the artwork is completed.• Full payment must be made before I start, it generally takes me less than a month to complete work and refunds will not be given after work starts unless I refund them for personal reasons, or there is an exceptional circumstance. If I haven’t started work yet you are free to request a refund.• I will not draw anything deemed illegal by Australian law, this includes but are not limited to: NSFW situations involving underage characters, NSFW situations involving quadruped/ animal characters and anything depicting hate groups or symbols.• I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. Usually this is due to my own personal health and knowing my own limits so I don’t take your money and make you wait for me to get better, so please don’t worry!